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Live Demo - A simple query form with some examples and file system tree browser (to be improved)

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TNTBase is an open-source versioned storage for XML and a bit more. It is licensed under Apache 2.0 license that can be found here or in any TNTBase source distribution. TNTBase supports versioning in the Subversion-compatible way. It is based on the two powerful systems, namely Subversion and Berkeley DB XML, that allows us to get a good basis (i.e. powerful versioning and efficient storing and working with XML) for a Deep Web for XML.


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2010-05-27: The first Live TNTBase demo is online. vzholudev #128
2010-03-10: TNTBase ver. 0.1 is finally released vzholudev #117
2010-03-10: domain vzholudev #116
2009-10-12: TNTBase debian package released! vzholudev #77
2009-09-28: TNTBase has switched to a newer version of Berkeley DB XML vzholudev #74
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